About Dave's Photography


Based on the Central Coast of New South Wales
I have had a passion for photography for about ten years now and it is growing by the day.

I have always loved being outdoors which reflects my love of capturing God's creation. (Including his ultimate creation: people!) And I love sharing it. I hope you like the images and that they may produce in you a love for the beauty of nature as well.

From seascapes to the mountains, from travel to sports my friends rarely see me without my camera.
I am a sports lover (especially surfing and sking) which comes from my upbringing. Ever since I can remember we holidayed at the beach. Starting out with a ‘KFC foamy’ surfboard and eventually an M.R twin fin (now I’m showing my age) Funny isn’t it how we go back to the past with a lot of things because I now have a 'Fish' board.


Established in 2008 by David Geoffrey Gosling, David's Photography specialises in producing high-quality images. We provide a secure and easy-to-use online store for purchasing professional print and digital products that you will treasure forever.

Visit the portfolio for examples of our work or contact usto discuss your requirements.

Warm regards,

David Geoffrey Gosling